Trafalgar, 53
08010 Barcelona


Materials and Stone

Construction materials, concepts of speculation and value, in relation to the contemporary urban landscape..

Barbará Fluxà, Clara Montoya, Rafa Munárriz

Two Claws that Make an Egg

A modular architectural structure covered with fabric scraps evokes questions around adult-centrism and maternities..

Ariadna Guiteras

Within Reach

Materialities, scale and immediate reality.

Elena Aitzkoa, Esther Gatón, Michael Lawton y Mercedes Mangrané

Exposing the Columns

An intervention that opens momentarily the columns, according to a contract drawn up between the artist, the gallery, and the collector..

Luz Broto



An exploration of artistic processes in relation to the context of the exhibition space.

Noela Covelo Velasco, Alejandro Palacín, Victor Ruiz Colomer


A reflection on the complexity of meaning in today’s concept of work.

Daria Irincheeva, María Alcaide, Dilalica


An investigation into the creation of systems and ecosystems through unique coding languages.

Serafín Álvarez, Karlos Gil, Lúa Coderch, Julia Múgica, Lluís Nacenta e Iván Paz

Like a World That Crumbles When No One Is Watching

Curated by Bartlebooth.

Azahara Cerezo, Gloria López Cleries, Simone C. Niquille/Technoflesh, Diego Morera


The Daltons

Color blindness is the starting point for a conceptual and formal exercise around color.

Miguel Ángel Tornero, María Sánchez, Miguel Fructuoso

Still Life, Portrait, Landscape

Can the art history canon adapt to digital globalization? The work of Indian-American artist Tara Kelton poses these questions with poignant humor..

Tara Kelton


Bits and Atoms

Intersections between material form and intangible communication.

Yogesh Barve, Shona Kitchen, Claudia Maté, Lorna Mills


Rocío Olivares' first solo show.

Rocío Olivares


Dilalica’s inaugural exhibition focuses on and grows out of the space itself, physically, conceptually, and metaphorically..

Elsa de Alfonso, Luz Broto, Lara Fluxà, Claudia Pagès, Aleix Plademunt, Pedro Torres