Rocío Olivares' first solo show.


Our co-director, Cati Bestard, graduated from Columbia University’s MFA program in 2018. Over a two year period she gained intimate access to the artistic processes of some of the most gifted contemporary emerging artist, among them Rocío Olivares. Rebobinar is Rocío’s first solo show.

Rocío’s work focuses on asymmetrical distribution of power and information in the context of world globalization and centralization of resources. Rebobinar is a zoom out towards architectural systems and the construction of private property. Olivares takes a step back from the spaces she is representing to turn them into miniatures using a variety of media and techniques. According to her, there is some guilty pleasure in doing this work, comparable to the tension between the desire of ownership and the need for critical thinking. Rebobinar is also a look back to a childhood of toys that shape our spatial perception and our future interests. The pieces in the show spark a conversation that, with a certain sense of humor, interrogates issues such as the accumulation of wealth and domestic structures.

Images appropriated online and digitally modified
Inkjet Print
38.1cm x 25.4cm