Dilalica opened its new space in lovely Barcelona partly out of an aesthetic enthusiasm for digital and net art and the challenges these forms pose when shoehorned into a particular physical venue. Ours is a commercial gallery which allows (or forces) the works we show to take on an economic dimension as well. How do the scarce physical objects dealers transact around and the perfectly reproducible information artists freely share online compliment each other?

The term Bits and Atoms comes from Nicholas Negroponte’s 1995 book “Being Digital” that speculates on complimentary futures of physical matter and digital media. Four curators, Cristina Anglada (Madrid, Spain), Marialaura Ghidini (Bangalore, India), and Kelani Nichole (Los Angeles, USA) and Dilalica’s founding director Louis-Charles Tiar, will come together in the coming months to propose works from artists that engage with the duality of physical space and encoded information. Artists Yogesh Barve, Shona Kitchen, Claudia Maté, and Lorna Mills will each be proposing new works for the occasion.

Other Days, Other Eyes
Shona Kitchen with Evan Voelbel
thanking Eli Backer and Stephen Cooke
Glass, video cameras, acryllic panels, video, and electronics
Petting Zoo: Demons Begone
Lorna Mills
Five channel animated GIF
HD 1920 x 1080 px
The More You See, the More You Know
Yogesh Barve
30 cm x 43 cm
Pen on Paper Drawn by an Axidraw V3 Plotter
Right: Too late now… your child is Satan
Left: I always love you no matter what…
Claudia Maté
80 x 70 cm
UV print on aluminum